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Aron Ralston

Aron Ralston is the man who famously cut off his own arm to free himself from boulder. It trapped him in remote canyon in Utah. His harrowing ordeal was later turned into book and movie called 127 Hours. It earned him worldwide fame and recognition. 

Aron Ralston Net Worth

Aron Ralston net worth is $4 million. His main source of income is his career. Motivational speaking, books and his endorsements. Aron Ralston is sought after speaker since his remarkable survival story became public. He charges an average of $15,000 to $30,000 per keynote speech. He shares his insights and lessons on resilience, courage and leadership. He spoke at various events and organisations. Like TEDx, Google, and the Royal Marines Charity.

Aron Ralston made money from his books. These are best sellers in the US and the UK. His first book ‘Between a Rock and Hard Place’ publish in 2004. The book adapted into the Oscar nominated film 127 Hours. His second book ‘The Other Side of the Story’ was published in 2010. 

Aron Ralston has also earned income from his endorsements and sponsorships. He has partnered with brands. Like Land Rover, Garmin, and Lucozade Sport, promoting their products and services. He appeared in commercials and documentaries for various media outlets. Like National Geographic, Discovery Channel and NBC.

Aron Ralston Wiki

Name Aron Lee Ralston
Date of birth October 27, 1975
Place of birth Marion, Ohio, USA
Age 48
Height 5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Weight 165 lbs (75 kg)
Body measurements Chest: 42 in (107 cm), Waist: 32 in (81 cm), Biceps: 16 in (41 cm)
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christian
Education Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and French from Carnegie Mellon University
Occupation Motivational speaker, author, adventurer, former engineer
Years active 2003-present
Net worth $4 million
Spouse Jessica Trusty
Children 2 (Leo and Elisabet)

Aron Ralston’s Biography

Aron Ralston on 27  October 1975 in Marion USA. He is the son of Larry and Donna Ralston and sister named Sonja. He grew in military family. His father was pilot in the US Air Force. He moved around lot as a child. Living in various places like Texas, California and Colorado. He developed passion for outdoor adventures and nature from young age. He goes for camping trips and hiking with his family. He was member of the National Honor Society. Read More: Bill Burr’s Wife: The Untold Story Nia Renee Hill.

Aron Ralston Early Life

Aron Ralston pursued his higher education at Carnegie Mellon University, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and French in 1997. He was member of the university outdoor club and participated in various mountaineering and skiing activities. He worked as mechanical engineer at Intel for six years. He involved in the design and development of microchips.

He felt unsatisfied with his corporate career and decided to quit his job in 2002 to pursue his dream of climbing the “fourteeners”. The 59 mountains in Colorado and they are over 14,000 feet high. He moved to Aspen Colorado. The place known for its scenic mountains and outdoor opportunities. He became ski instructor and volunteer for the Aspen Ski Patrol.

Aron Ralston’s Career

Aron Ralston’s career took a dramatic turn in April 2003, when he embarked on a solo hiking trip in Utah’s Blue John Canyon. Descending slot canyon he dislodged boulder. It pinned his right arm against the canyon wall. He keep small amount of water, food and equipment with him. He tried various methods to escape. Like chipping away at the boulder, rigging the pulley system and signalling for help.

But none of them worked. He realised chance of survival was to cut off his own arm. After five days of trapped he broke the bones of his arm and amputated it using dull pocket knife. He rappelled down 65 foot cliff and hiked for six miles until he encountered family of hikers. They alerted the authorities. He airlifted to hospital and he underwent surgery and received prosthetic arm.

Aron Ralston’s Family

Aron Ralston is married to Jessica Trusty, a massage therapist and yoga instructor. They met in 2009 at mutual friend wedding and got married in 2010. They have two children. Son named Leo and daughter named Elizabeth. They live in Boulder Colorado. They enjoy spending time outdoors and engaging in various activities. Like hiking, biking, skiing and kayaking.

Aron Ralston’s Relationship

Aron Ralston running few relationships in his life. But none of them lasted long. He dated woman named Megan Tomlinson in 2003. But they broke up shortly before his accident. He dated woman named Vita Shannon in 2013 but they had tumultuous relationship. It ended in domestic violence incident. He arrested and charged but the charges were dropped. He happily married to Jessica Trusty since 2010 and has not been involved in any scandals or controversies.

Aron Ralston’s Personal Life and Other Ventures

Aron Ralston is a man who loves life and adventure. He has positive and optimistic attitude. He is devout Christian and credits his faith for helping him survive and cope by his ordeal. He is philanthropist and supports various causes and charities. Like the Wilderness Workshop, the Access Fund and the Aron Ralston Foundation. 

He founded to provide limbs and outdoor opportunities to amputees and disabled people. He is advocate for environmental conservation and wilderness protection. And spoke against the development and mining of public lands. He is fan of music and movies and keeps collection of over 1,000 DVDs. He enjoys playing the piano and the guitar. He composed songs. He avid reader and fan of authors such as J.R.R. Tolkien, George R.R. Martin and Stephen King.


Aron Ralston is remarkable adventurer, author and speaker. He overcome near death experience and achieved his mountaineering goals. His net worth is $4 million at the end of 2023. His main sources of income are his book sales or motivational speeches and outdoor activities. Ralston’s story is an inspiration for many people who face challenges and hardships in life.


Who is Aron Ralston?

Ralston is American mountaineer, outdoorsman and motivational speaker. He became famous after he amputated his arm to free himself from boulder and trapped him in canyon in Utah in 2003.

How did Ralston survive?

Ralston survived by using dull pocket knife to break the bones of his arm and cut off the flesh, tendons and nerves. He rappelled down cliff and hiked for six miles until he encountered some hikers. They helped him get medical attention.

What is Ralston’s book and movie?

Ralston’s book is called “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”, which is a memoir of his ordeal and his life before and after the incident. His movie is called “127 Hours”, which is a biographical drama film directed by Danny Boyle and starring James Franco as Ralston.

What is Ralston’s net worth and salary?

Ralston net worth is $4 million. His salary varies depending on his speaking engagements. He charges an average of $15,000 to $30,000 per keynote speech.

What is Ralston’s current status and future plans?

Ralston is currently married to Jessica Trusty and has a son named Leo. He lives in Boulder Colorado and continues to pursue his passion for mountaineering and outdoor adventures.

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