Who Is Dustin Tyler? He Claims To Be Keanu Reeves Son

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Dustin Tyler

Who Is Dustin Tyler? Is He Keanu Reeves’ son? How did he become famous? And what’s his relationship with Jennifer Syme and Erik Von Detten? Let’s find out. You will love reading this article. There is lot of misinformation floating around about Tyler. Read on to learn the truth.

Dustin Tyler

Social media influencer Dustin Tyler claims to the son of actor Keanu Reeves. Dustin is popular on Instagram and is known for his tattoos and fashion. Tyler posts pictures of his friends wearing clothes. His humorous content is very popular on Instagram. He gained 105k followers.

A social media influencer, tattoo artist, model and artist. Tyler recently went viral with his claim. He is the son of Keanu Reeves. He claimed to inherited his father’s charm and good looks and said the actor raised him. It is unclear he is true son but the claims divided the internet into two camps.

Keanu’s fans incensed by the claim. His son born from Tyler. Dustin born on 13 October 1985 and gone by several relationships with celebrities. His relationship with Jennifer Syme lasted for decade and ended in 2001. They had a stillborn daughter, Ava Archer, in January 2000. After his relationship with Jennifer, he became a single father.

While many fans are skeptical about this claim, many of his friends and family believe he is Keanu Reeves’ son. After graduating high school, Dustin Reeves pursued a tattoo artist career and worked at gift stores. Despite his alleged relationship with Keanu Reeves, he has been linked to drugs and alcohol. The actor is a social media influencer and also a tattoo artist.

Dustin Tyler Relationship with Keanu Reeves

Man claiming to Keanu Reeves son opened on TikTok. He claiming to Reeves son in July 2020. The actor reportedly inherited his charm and good looks from his father. Reeves mother claims he never aware of he is teenager and already gotten pregnant with his daughter.

The claim initially made by 36 year old social media influencer Tyler. He is famous for his tattoos and fashion. His Instagram profile keeps 18k followers and he keep Snapchat account. The actor keep no pets. Despite his social media following, he says he does not have a dog or cat.

Although Dustin Tyler’s claim has caused shock among fans, the actor is in a bind over his decision to publicly deny his involvement. Many have questioned his motives and have demanded the actor stop proclaiming fake rumors. But most fans are unconvinced, and the film’s director has yet to confirm or deny his claims.

If the actor is indeed Reeves’ son, his claim must be true. Tyler claimed to the actor son and posted the child photo on his Instagram account in June 2021. His new girlfriend not mentioned in the June 2021 post. It is unknown how long Tyler has been dating her new girlfriend, but he did post the ‘dad post’ as a joke to get views and followers.

 Dustin Tyler

According to his biography, Dustin Reeves is the son of a tattoo artist and an actress. He attended high school and studied art in New York. Despite being a high school graduate, he decided to pursue a tattoo artist career. In fact, after graduating from high school, he worked in a gift shop and even modeled for a fashion line, EXCD Clothing.

Dustin Tyler’s relationship with Jennifer Syme

Keanu Reeves has created a rumor about his romances with women. He is dating actress Alexandra Grant. He dated for three years. He involved in relationship with Jennifer Syme. She tragically died in car accident after broke up. The actress gave birth to daughter Ava Archer Syme Reeves.

Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Syme linked. They daughter together in 1999. The child stillborn at the end of the pregnancy. Actor not publicly acknowledged his daughter existence. Despite a rumor, Keanu and Syme have been seen together since the LACMA Art Film Gala in November and have been spotted holding hands again.

Reeves met Syme at party after the death of his best friend. Year after dating they expecting their first child together. The child stillborn on Christmas Eve and the couple to make funeral arrangements. The tragic event took toll on the couple relationship. Eighteen months after they broke up Jennifer Syme tragically died in car accident. Syme under the influence of drugs and not wearing seatbelt while driving and she killed. His growing popularity on social media the actor claims to the son of Keanu Reeves. His Instagram account is filled with fashion posts and tattoos and he is influencer on the site. He took 18k followers and Tiktok account.

Dustin Tyler’s relationship with Erik Von Detten

Dustin Tyler first got into the spotlight in line skater on Good Morning Miss Bliss. Tyler successful in the early 90’s and he is star in the hit Disney Channel series Dog with Blog.

Despite being a household name on the Disney Channel, Tyler has kept his personal life private. The Disney star is famous for award winning and TikTok videos. He maintains low key private life. He does share secrets for his personal life with fans. Tyler posted photo of Erik Von Detten on his YouTube channel. Read more here Phoebe Adele Gates.


Dustin Tyler with bold style and tons of online followers he’s active on platforms like Facebook and TikTok. Think tattoos brand partnerships and edgy vibes. He is dabbled in various fields like music, acting and barbering. Think singing, TikTok fame and maybe haircut once upon a time. The Tyler is the most well known. He keeps 197k followers on Instagram and 777k likes on Facebook now. He is known for his unique tattoos and brand partnerships. Dustin explored creative avenues. He’s released music gained popularity on TikTok and held barbering license.


Is Tyler really dating?

Tyler is currently in relationship with woman named Katie. He often shares pictures of them together on his Instagram account.

Tyler’s net worth?

Tyler net worth is $1.5 million. He earns from Social Media, music and collaboration.

How did Tyler become famous? 

Tyler famous for his TikTok videos. He started his Instagram account with the encouragement of his friend who owned clothing line called EXCD.

What is Tyler’s real name?

Tyler real name is Tyler Hardie.

What is Tyler’s next project? 

Tyler’s next project is not clear but he released some singles.

What brands does Tyler endorse?

Tyler endorses various brands. Like Fashion Nova, Bang Energy, Rebel8 and Sullen Clothing. He promotes them on his social media platforms.

Does Tyler still do haircuts?

Tyler is still licensed barber and he does haircuts for his friends and fans. He completed his barbering course from Phagans Grants Pass College of Beauty.

Is Dustin Tyler involved in any controversies?

Dustin Tyler involved in controversies in 2022. He claimed he is the son of actor Keanu Reeves. It proven to false and Dustin clarified he take no relation to the Hollywood star.

Who are Dustin Tyler’s closest friends in the influencer world?

Dustin Tyler closest friends in the influencer world include Thomas Wu, Kelly Osbourne and Jenna Jameson. They followed him on social media and supported his work.