NFL Draft Style 2024 Is Ushering In A Whole New Era Of Style

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NFL Draft Style 2024 Is Ushering In A Whole New Era Of Style

The NFL Draft is not only a pivotal moment for aspiring professional football players but also a grand stage where these athletes get to express their unique fashion sensibilities. The 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit was no exception, with players stepping onto the red carpet in meticulously chosen outfits that turned heads and set new trends.

The 2024 NFL Draft unfolded in glamorous Detroit, Michigan, as the spotlight shifted from the gridiron to the red carpet. Amidst the anticipation of which college stars would find their professional homes, the fashion-forward athletes took center stage. From the iconic Fox Theatre to the bustling Campus Martius Park, the red carpet witnessed a sartorial revolution a fusion of athletic prowess and high style that transcended mere suits and ties.

Terrion Arnold’s Bold Electric Salmon Silk Suit

Terrion Arnold, the former Alabama cornerback, became the cynosure of all eyes with his daring choice of an electric salmon silk suit.

NFL Draft Style 2024 Is Ushering In A Whole New Era Of Style

Styled by the renowned Tom Marchitelli, Arnold’s ensemble was complemented by a silver bow tie, creating a perfect blend of boldness and sophistication. This choice not only showcased his confidence but also highlighted his willingness to push fashion boundaries on such a significant occasion.

Caleb Williams’ Unique Chrome Hearts Navy Blue Suit

Caleb Williams, another prominent figure on the red carpet, opted for a distinct look with a Chrome Hearts navy blue suit. The suit featured a vertical zipper running from the right side of his chest down to his waist, paired with a black crew shirt and black boots.

NFL Draft Style 2024 Is Ushering In A Whole New Era Of Style

Williams emphasized that his suit was a product of both creativity and hard work, aiming for a classy yet unique appearance. His choice replicated a modern coil on outdated red carpet fashion, merging style with a touch of anxiety.

Darius Robinson’s Purple Sport Coat

Hailing from Motor City, Darius Robinson made a striking appearance in a purple sp

NFL Draft Style 2024 Is Ushering In A Whole New Era Of Style

orts coat designed by Terry Corbett. He paired this vibrant piece with black pants and Cartier sunglasses, exuding a cool and confident vibe. Robinson’s choice highlighted his roots and his flair for incorporating bold colors into his formal wear, making him stand out among his peers.

Quinton Mitchell’s Custom-Made Black Silk Tuxedo

NFL Draft Style 2024 Is Ushering In A Whole New Era Of Style

Former Toledo cornerback Quinton Mitchell showcased a meticulously crafted black silk tuxedo, custom-made by Baynes + Baker. With his name embroidered on the inside of the jacket and finished off with Prada shoes, Mitchell’s outfit was the epitome of elegance and personalization. The attention to detail in his ensemble underscored the importance of a perfect fit and bespoke tailoring in achieving a polished and distinguished look.

Drake Maye’s Classic Khaki Hugo Boss Suit

NFL Draft Style 2024 Is Ushering In A Whole New Era Of Style

Drake Maye, the former North Carolina quarterback, opted for a classic approach with his khaki Hugo Boss suit adorned with North Carolina blue accents. Maye’s choice reflected his love for his alma mater and his preference for simplicity and tradition. His ensemble was a testament to the timeless appeal of a well-tailored suit that resonates with personal significance.

J.J. McCarthy’s Custom Charcoal Gray Suit by Alo Yoga

NFL Draft Style 2024 Is Ushering In A Whole New Era Of Style

Although not present at the Motor City festivities, J.J. McCarthy did not miss out on showcasing his style. He wore a custom charcoal gray suit designed by Alo Yoga, which exemplified a modern, sleek look. McCarthy’s choice highlighted the versatility and contemporary appeal of Alo Yoga’s custom designs.

The Evolution of NFL Draft Player Style

Kyle Smith, the visionary behind the NFL’s fashion landscape, spearheads a “helmet-off strategy.” His mission? Allowing players to control their private brand outside the field. Whether it’s refining tunnel outfits or gracing the Met Gala, Smith ensures that athletes feel confident expressing their individuality. While “best dressed” lists may not sway him, certain players set the standard for fashion-forward choices. Stefon D, Jeremiah O, and Travis Kelce reliably use style to reveal their personalities. Owusu-Koramoah, in particular, celebrates his African heritage through his outfits, bridging culture and couture.

Why Style Matters

As more men embrace the art of dressing well, the NFL Draft benefits. These athletes inspire fans, shaping cultural relevance for Gen Z and Alpha audiences. The red carpet isn’t just about fabric and flair; it’s a canvas for self-expression. What you wore at twenty may not resonate today, but that’s the beauty of evolving style. So, as the NFL Draft continues to blend athleticism with aesthetics, remember that the next touchdown isn’t the only score that matters it’s the touchdown in fashion. Read more about Kendall Jenner.


The 2024 NFL Draft red carpet was a dazzling display of fashion, with players showcasing their unique styles and personalities through their sartorial choices. From bold colors and innovative designs to classic elegance and personalized details, each player’s outfit told a story of individuality and confidence. As these athletes prepare to make their mark in the NFL Draft, their red-carpet appearances have already set a high bar for fashion excellence.


Q: Who were the standout fashion icons at the 2024 NFL Draft?

Stefon Diggs, Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, and Travis Kelce consistently pushed fashion boundaries, using their outfits to express their unique personalities.

Q: How does the NFL Draft support players in their style journey?

Kyle Smith’s “helmet-off strategy” provides resources for players to enhance their brand off the field, whether it’s refining tunnel looks or attending high-profile events.

Q: Why does athlete fashion matter?

Athlete fashion inspires fans, connects with diverse audiences, and keeps football culturally relevant. It’s more than clothing; it’s a statement.

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