Nanette Lepore & Bob Savage At The Lepore Savage Gallery

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Nanette Lepore & Bob Savage At The Lepore Savage Gallery

The Lepore Savage Gallery, located in Amagansett, stands as a testament to the seamless integration of fashion and fine art. Founded by fashion designer Nanette Lepore and her husband, painter, and Irish folk singer Bob Savage, the gallery has quickly become a vibrant space for showcasing contemporary art. The couple’s commitment to merging their artistic disciplines is evident in every exhibition they curate, blending the aesthetics of fashion with the depth of visual art.

Nanette Lepore has long been celebrated for her distinctive, American-made dresses that exude chic femininity. In recent years, however, the brand ventured into diverse avenues such as activewear and the more budget-friendly NANETTE Nanette Lepore line. While these explorations broadened the brand’s horizons, they also seemed to dilute its original charm. Fortunately, Lepore’s recent collections signal a nostalgic return to her classic roots, rekindling the elegance that captivated many loyal followers.

The Genesis of Lepore Savage Gallery

Founders’ Backgrounds

Nanette Lepore, renowned for her whimsical and vibrant fashion designs, and Bob Savage, a painter with a rich background in Irish folk music, bring a unique blend of creativity to the gallery. Their journey began in the eclectic art scene of Youngstown, Ohio, where they were both influenced by Nanette’s father, James Lepore, an abstract painter and art history professor.

Concept and Vision

The Lepore Savage Gallery was conceived as a space where art and fashion intersect, creating an environment that fosters creativity and accessibility. The gallery’s exhibitions are designed to be inclusive, featuring works that are both visually captivating and financially accessible, ensuring that art remains approachable to a wide audience.

Nanette Lepore & Bob Savage At The Lepore Savage Gallery

In Bloom: The Second Group Exhibition

Overview of In Bloom

The gallery’s second group exhibition, titled *In Bloom (or: What Do Flowers Dream of at Night?)*, exemplifies the harmonious blend of fashion and art. The works explore themes of life, death, and the ephemeral nature of beauty, all through the lens of floral imagery.

Artistic Inspirations

Nanette Lepore draws substantial inspiration from the artworks featured in the gallery. Her meditations on colors, shapes, patterns, and silhouettes seamlessly translate into her fashion designs. The vivid floral themes and the intricate interplay of colors in the paintings resonate deeply with her design philosophy, further blurring the lines between fashion and fine art.

Nanette Lepore & Bob Savage At The Lepore Savage Gallery

The First Exhibition: Rose is a Rose

Curatorial Approach

The initial exhibition Rose is a Rose, was released in October 2015 in the couple’s West Village townhouse. Curated by family friend and Christie’s Masters candidate Kara Brooks, the exhibition set the tone for the gallery’s future endeavors. It featured a diverse array of artists, including mixed-media artist Lori Field, whose whimsical and mystical creations captured the essence of the gallery’s aesthetic.

Fashion Meets Art

Following the success of Rose is a Rose, Lori Field was commissioned to design pieces for the Nanette Lepore fashion line. This collaboration underscores the gallery’s mission to create a symbiotic relationship between art and fashion, where each discipline informs and enhances the other.

The Unique Charm of Nanette Lepore Savage Gallery

  • Personal Touch

The gallery exudes a warm, welcoming atmosphere, reflective of Nanette and Bob’s inclusive and family-oriented nature. Visitors often find themselves in intimate settings, enjoying conversations over coffee and snacks, much like the impromptu gatherings that sparked the idea for the gallery.

  • Community and Connection

Lepore Savage Gallery is not just a space for viewing art; it is a hub for social interaction and cultural exchange. The exhibitions serve as a platform for meeting new people and fostering connections within the art community. This social aspect is a fundamental component of the gallery’s charm and appeal.

  • The Floral Metallic Sheath Dress

Our focus today is on the Nanette Lepore Floral Metallic Sheath Dress, a perfect embodiment of the designer’s reinvigorated vision. This dress, available at Neiman Marcus, is a testament to the brand’s renewed dedication to producing stylish, feminine pieces.

  • Features

The Floral Metallic Sheath Dress stands out with its intricate floral patterns and subtle metallic sheen, offering a modern twist to a classic design. Although it tends to run large evident from the sizing advice to opt for a size down it maintains an impeccable silhouette that flatters various body types.

Nanette Lepore & Bob Savage At The Lepore Savage Gallery

For those who prefer a more precise fit, minor alterations might be necessary to achieve the ideal length, especially for those who desire it to hit just above the knee.

Styling Tips

Footwear: Pairing this dress with higher heels can enhance its elegance and provide a better fit.

Accessories: Simple, elegant jewelry will complement the dress without overpowering its delicate design.

Occasions: This versatile piece is perfect for a variety of occasions, from formal events to sophisticated evening outings.

Shopping Smart at Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus has consistently provided stellar pricing and availability, making it a prime destination for fashion enthusiasts. Here are some approaches to exploit your shop experience:

Monitor Stock Levels: Items that appear sold out often reappear, so frequent checks can be rewarding.

Nanette Lepore & Bob Savage At The Lepore Savage Gallery

Favorites List: Keeping a list of desired items can help you quickly capitalize on restocks and sales.

Complementary Footwear

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Nanette Lepore & Bob Savage At The Lepore Savage Gallery

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As Nanette Lepore Savage Gallery continues to grow, its founders remain committed to their vision of creating a dynamic intersection between fashion and art. By featuring accessible and engaging exhibitions, Nanette Lepore and Bob Savage are fostering a vibrant cultural environment that celebrates creativity in all its forms. The gallery stands as a beacon of artistic innovation, inviting visitors to experience the beauty and interconnectedness of art and fashion.

Nanette Lepore’s return to her signature style has rekindled the brand’s allure, offering fashion enthusiasts the opportunity to embrace timeless elegance once again. By blending classic design with modern elements, Lepore continues to set trends in the fashion world. For those looking to enhance their wardrobe with sophisticated and versatile pieces, Nanette Lepore’s latest offerings are an impeccable choice.

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