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Josh Peck finally breaks silence on Drake Bell’s child endangerment charges

It’s been two years since “Drake and Josh” star Drake Bell was arrested for felony child endangerment, but his former co-star Josh Peck is finally breaking his silence. “I don’t know what to say about it,” Peck, who is now a father himself, said in an interview with People. “It’s just a sad situation.” The charges stemmed from an incident in which Bell was driving under the influence with his younger brother in the car.

Peck addresses the rumors that he and Bell are feuding

Actor Josh Peck has broken his silence on his rumored feud with former Drake & Josh co-star Drake Bell. Peck, who is a father of two, addressed the child endangerment charges that Bell is currently facing. “I’m not going to speak on behalf of Drake,” Peck said in an interview with TMZ. “I’m not going to try and defend him because I don’t know what happened.

Peck thanks fans for their support

Actor Josh Peck took to social media to thank fans for their support after his former co-star Drake Bell was charged with child endangerment. The “Drake and Josh” stars have been feuding since 2006, and fans were surprised when Bell reached out to Peck ahead of his wedding. However, the goodwill was short-lived after Peck failed to show up to Bell’s birthday party in November 2016.

Peck defends Bell

Earlier this year, Drake Bell was arrested on child endangerment charges after he allegedly got into a physical altercation with his former co-star Josh Peck. Peck has remained silent on the matter until now, breaking his silence in a new interview.

In the interview, Peck defends Bell, insisting that Bell is not a bad person and that the child endangerment charges are “blown out of proportion.


In a recent interview with People, actor Josh Peck finally breaks his silence on the child endangerment charges brought against his former co-star Drake Bell. Peck says that he was “shocked” and “saddened” by the news, and that he had no idea that Bell was in any kind of legal trouble. He goes on to say that he has reached out to Bell and offered him any support he may need, but has not yet heard back from him.


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