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High Heels

High heels are shoes and keep raised heel and makes the wearer’s feet look longer and more elegant. Many girls and women love to wear high heels for special occasions. Like parties, weddings, or dances. But what about kids. Today we will answer these questions and give you some tips on how to pick out the best high heels for kids. We will show you some examples of the most comfortable and stylish high heels for kids and you find online.

Why Do Kids Want to Wear High Heels?

Kids often want to wear high heels because they see their mothers, sisters, or celebrities wearing them. They may think and high heels are fashionable, glamorous or fun. They want to look older, taller, or more mature. Some kids enjoy the challenge of walking in high heels or the feeling of being different from others.

However, wearing high heels is not always good idea for kids. High heels make negative effects on their feet, legs and posture, especially if they wear them for too long or too often. High heels  cause accidents like tripping, falling, or twisting an ankle.

When Kids Wear High Heels?

There is no fixed age when kids start wearing high heels. However, most experts agree and kids should wait until they are at least 12 to 14 years old before wearing high heels.  It is because their feet are still growing and developing until then and wearing high heels interfere with their natural growth and alignment.

After 12 to 14 years old kids should not wear high heels every day. They should only wear them for special occasions. Like birthday party, wedding or dance. They  limit the height of the heels to no more than 2 inches (5 cm) and the width of the heels to no less than 1 inch (2.5 cm).

How to Choose the Best High Heels for Kids?

If your kid wants to wear high heels. You should help them choose the best ones for their feet and health. Here are some tips:

Choose high heels and fit well: The shoes should not be too tight or too loose. They should not pinch, rub, or cause blisters. They should enough room for the toes to wiggle and breathe. You measure your kid’s feet and compare them with the size chart of the shoes before buying them online. You try them on in store and walk around for few minutes to see how they feel.
Choose high heels are comfortable: The shoes should good cushioning, support and stability. They should keep flexible sole and bends with the foot. Avoid shoes are too stiff, too thin, or too slippery. Look for shoes and extra padding around the heel, arch and ball of the foot. You add insoles, heel grips, or toe pads to make the shoes more comfortable.
Choose high heels are safe: The shoes should sturdy heel and does not wobble or break. They should keep non slip sole and grips the ground well. Avoid shoes with pointed toe, narrow heel or platform. These make the shoes harder to balance and walk in. You look for shoes keep straps, buckles or laces secure the foot in place and prevent it from slipping out.
Choose high heels are appropriate: The shoes should match the occasion, the outfit and the personality of your kid. They should suitable for their age and maturity level. Avoid shoes and are too flashy, too sexy, or too adult-like. These send the wrong message and attract unwanted attention. You consult with your kid’s school or other parents to see what kind of shoes are allowed or expected.

Some Examples of the Best High Heels:

To give you some ideas, here are some examples of the best heels for kids and you find online. These shoes are comfortable and appropriate for kids. They come in different styles, colors and sizes to suit your kid’s preferences.

Girls Carrson: These are cute and classy sandals and block heel, buckle strap and round toe. They come in various colors like black, pink, silver and gold. They are perfect for parties, weddings, or dances.

Unisex Child K Classic Ii Fashion Boot: These are cozy and trendy boots and keep wedge heel, lace-up closure and fur lining. They come in different colors like chestnut, black and chocolate. They are great for winter, fall, or spring.

Girl’s Triangle Cutout: These are stylish and edgy boots and keep chunky heel, zipper closure and triangle cutout design. They come in various colors like black, tan and taupe. They are ideal for casual, school or weekend wear.

Sarina-2: These are elegant and simple sandals and keep block heel, slingback strap and open toe. They come in different colors. Like white, nude and coral. They are suitable for formal, semi-formal, or dressy occasions.

Close Round: These are sparkly and pretty shoes and make low wedge heel and glitter rhinestone embellishment. They come in various colors. Like silver, gold and rose gold. They are wonderful for birthday parties, flower girl duties, or princess costumes.

Kids Open Toe: These are lovely and delicate sandals and keep low heel, strappy design and rhinestone decoration. They come in different colors. Like white, ivory and champagne. They are beautiful for weddings, dresses, dances, or flower girl roles.

Dress Pump Sandals: These are sweet and charming shoes and get low heel, bow accent and peep toe. They come in various colors like black, red and pink. They are adorable for school, church, or family gatherings.


High heels are not the best choice for kids, but if your kid really wants to wear them, you should help them choose the best ones for their feet and health. You should limit the frequency and duration of wearing and monitor your kid’s comfort and safety. You use the tips and examples in the article to pick out the best heels for kids. Remember, heels are not necessity. But fun accessory and your kid enjoy occasionally and responsibly.

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