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Danielley Ayala

Danielley Ayala is talented makeup artist and popular influencer. She amassed millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter. She is part time model and showcases various brands of swimsuits and lingerie. Do you know how did she became so successful? Today we will explore her history, current trends, and future outlook with some interesting facts about her life.

Net Worth

According to some sources Danielley Ayala’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. It is mainly derived from her income as makeup artist, social media influencer, and model. She earns money from promoting various products and companies on her website and Instagram account. She has over 6 million followers. She gets paid for appearing in photoshoots and videos for different brands. Some of the products and companies that she has endorsed include Fashion Nova, Bang Energy, Manscaped, and PrettyLittleThing.


Name Danielley Ayala
Date of birth 23-Feb-94
Age 28 years
Zodiac sign Pisces
Place of birth Los Angeles, CA, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Sexuality Straight 
Height 5’8″ (173 cm)
Weight  143 lbs (65 kg)
Body measurements 36-27-42 inches (91-69-107 cm)
Bra size 36C
Eye color Dark brown
Hair color Black
Marital status Dating
Boyfriend Peter Shelegin
Profession Makeup artist and social media influencer
Net worth $1 million


Biography Of Danielley Ayala

Danielley Ayala born on 23rd February 1994. In Los Angeles California USA. She lived in loving family. But not more is know for her parents or siblings. She attend local high school and graduated in 2012. She then enrolled at the Make Up Designory (MUD) Los Angeles School of Make-Up. She learned the skills and techniques of makeup artistry there]. She graduated from the school in 2014 and started working as professional makeup artist.

Early Life

Danielley Ayala had a passion for makeup and beauty since she was a young girl. She used to experiment with different products and styles on herself and her friends. She loved to watch YouTube videos and tutorials of famous makeup artists and learn from them. She dreamed of becoming a successful makeup artist and creating her own brand someday. Also read Who Is Dustin Tyler? He Claims To Be Keanu Reeves Son.


Danielley Ayala started her career as a makeup artist in 2014, after completing her training at the MUD Los Angeles School of Make-Up. She specialized in fashion and editorial makeup and worked with various photographers, models, and celebrities. She created her own website, where she showcased her portfolio and promoted several beauty products and companies. She gained recognition and appreciation for her work and talent.

In 2018, Danielley Ayala decided to expand her career and enter the world of social media. She created Instagram account. She started posting pictures and videos of herself and her lifestyle. She quickly gained huge fan base. They admired her beauty, personality and style. She started collaborating with other influencers and brands, such as Casie Wendel, Sydney Nichole, Guetcha Tondreau, and Found Model Management.

Danielley Ayala ventured into modelling, as she received many offers from different brands of swimsuits and lingerie. She agreed to model for them and showcase their products on her Instagram account. She appeared in some magazines and websites, such as Maxim and Sports Illustrated[^1^][1]. She became known for her curvaceous figure and her confidence in flaunting it.

Danielley Ayala launched her own agency, called Soft-Hued, in 2019. This is a firm that provides services for models, focusing on talent representation, advertising, editorials, commercial bookings, and long-term contracts. It offers social media brand endorsements to its clients[^1^][1].


Danielley Ayala not revealed much about her family. She loves them and they support her in everything she does. She posts pictures and videos of them on her Instagram stories. And expresses her gratitude and affection for them. She keep pet dog named Sonic. The Dog is very cute and playful. She considers him  like her best friend and features him on her social media posts.


Danielley Ayala is currently in a relationship with Peter Shelegin, who is a photographer and a videographer. They met in 2019 and started dating. They keep lot in common. Like their love for travel, adventure and photography. They go to trips together and capture memories on camera. They work together on serval projects. And they support each other. They share romantic moments on social media accounts.

Personal Life and Other Ventures

Danielley Ayala is very outgoing and adventurous person. She loves to find new places. She enjoys travelling, hiking, camping, skiing, surfing and swimming. She likes to spend time with her friends and family. She is very friendly and sociable. She likes to make people laugh.

Danielley Ayala is very passionate and creative and she likes to express herself by various forms of art. She loves to draw, paint, and sculpt and she shares her artworks on her social media accounts. She likes to write, sing and dance. 

Danielley Ayala is generous and kind hearted. She likes to help people. She supports various causes and charities. Like animal welfare, environmental protection and women empowerment. She encourages her fans to do the same. And she spread positivity and love in the world.


Danielley Ayala is remarkable woman. She achieved lot in her life. She is successful makeup artist,  popular social media influencer and stunning model. She is talented artist,  loving girlfriend and caring person. She inspires people by her beautiful personality and style. She is role model for young girls. She is star and shines bright in the sky.

Frequently asked questions

Are they real?

This is the most common question that Danielley Ayala gets asked about her breasts. She answered this question in her first vlog. She revealed she take undergone breast augmentation surgery in 2017. 

How old is she? 

Danielley Ayala is 28 years old as of 2023. She born on 23th February 1994 in Los Angeles, California USA.

Do you know her ethnicity? 

Danielley Ayala is of Caucasian ethnicity. She did not disclose her ancestry. But some sources suggest she may Spanish or Italian.

What is her net worth?

The net worth of Danielley Ayala is $1 million. 

Who is her boyfriend? 

Danielley Ayala is dating Peter Shelegin. He is photographer and videographer.