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Cookie Run Kingdom

Are you a cookie lover? So, you must have run after your favorite cookies, but the scene is quite the opposite; now, you will experience the cookies run kingdom after their favorites. It’s interesting to enjoy the cookies building their own houses and creating their empire by securing themselves from enemies.

Yes, it’s all about the Cookie Run Kingdom. This is an RPG action game. RPG games are Role Playing Games where you play a game in a situational scenario.

What and How inside Cookies run kingdom?

Cookie Run Kingdom

The plot of the game rounds about the building of the cookies’ own kingdom.  A plain piece of land is allotted to the player of Cookie Run Kingdom to build cookies’ castles and other building bodies to flourish in their kingdom. As long as you go through the playing, the levels get upgraded. 

By keeping the castle, and other belongings of the building, a player gets more and more level opportunities to unlock the game to the next levels. Moreover, a player must keep on doing with constructional auxiliaries for upgrading. 

The other extension features include a variety of tasks that result in upgrading levels as a reward. Some features also give offline rewards as well such as Fountain of Abundance. The land area can also expand by killing the enemies with specifications like a team and are a certainty.

Approximately 74 cookie characters are there, which makes an army fight with the enemies. These featured characters can get by the gacha of the game. These games’ gacha can easily be available by spending a collection of earned crystals while playing. These are also available on paid packages to the developers.

 In the Cookie Run Kingdom, cookies are differentiated by team development with different specialties to defeat enemies. These specialties are 8 in number. These special features are “magic cookies”, and “support cookies”.

They are helpful in such ways as support cookies do a job of healing the damage. Similarly, magic cookies can debuff enemies. The skilled features of cookies are divided into 7 categories starting from “common” to “legendary”.

There is a variety of cookies’ power-up means. EXP candies are usually used to upgrade the “Defense, HP, and Attack”. Skill powers can be enhanced by using “skill powder”. EXP candies can be secured by playing the Cookie Run Kingdom through different modes. Skill powder boosts the power of skill and is received as a daily reward for continuous playing. 

Cookies also get special extra toppings that help improve other stats of the game. The stats, like how many enemies will be damaged in a debuff or how much time a cookie will take to cool down, are updated and upgraded by EXP candies. Magic candies need a special “Resonant Ingredient” and “Crystal” to upgrade.

On powering up, these magic candies give new effects to the cookies. On leveling up, cookies get through the soulstones, and these soulstones earn 5 stars for enhancement of HP, Defense, and Attack. Soulstones is a version of the Cookie Run Kingdom that is activated after getting 5 stars. 

The theme story of the game

Long ago, three Witches had attempted to make magic cookies with some special secret ingredients, including “butter, Whisper powder, colorful sugar, moonlight, Life’s powder”. Due to the super-secret ingredient of “life’s powder”, the cookies got living power.

As a living being, all the cookies were making merry and had a huge variety of unique plans to enjoy their living but as soon as they came to know that they were the desired morsel of the Witches who had made them. This fact disappointed them, and they escaped from the oven at once.

 The leftover unbaked magic cookie dough was exposed to sunlight, and with time, more cookies came into existence. By the time span,5 selected cookies made their own advancement.

 These selected 5 cookies were known as “Golden Cheese, Hollyberry, Pure Vanilla, White Lilly, Dark Cacao”. These 5 special character cookies are rewarded with soul jams. The soul jams’ quality earned them an everlasting skill of ruling power in cooperation.

The Life powder is still saved for the witches, who make more cookies daily. One day, the accidental creation of cookies came into existence, named Cake Monster and Dark Enchantress Cookie. When the cookies have the idea about to be eaten by the witches, they all decide to attack all Earthbread. In this expedition, all ancient cookies also take part. 

After decades, a gem cookie gets birthed into the oven name Gingerbread. He jumped out of the oven as soon as he knew the fact behind the purpose of his creation.

Revealing the Component


 Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookies Run Kingdom has classified by ranking the cookies. Here is the introduction of the categories in order from lowest to upgraded, respectively

  • The first is the lowest attack or HP power level of a cookie’s skill power for beginners. This is known as “Common”. 
  • Next is the upgraded and improved power skills called “Rare”. It’s with enhanced attack ability and ATK.
  • Another is with a lower drop rate and more strong power. This is a “Legendary” type of cookie.
  • Cookies Run Kingdom has the special featured power character cookies. They bear supernatural powers, and these 5 special cookies are “Ancient” cookies.
  • Some cookies are just for ornamental purposes, and they don’t increase the stat, known as “Guest “type of cookies.

Some special types of cookies are featured for the battlefield, which are further categorized into 8 types according to their skills.

  1. Ambush cookies
  2. Charge cookies
  3. Bomber cookies
  4. Defense cookies
  5. Support Cookies
  6. Healing cookies
  7. Magic cookies


Players will get familiar with three kinds of treasure while playing the Cookies the Run Kingdom. Those treasures are “Epic, Common, Rare”. More, they are characterized as “Active and Passive “features.


The game can be played in various modes, and upgraded automatically after clearing the levels. The next mode prepares to play as a reward for clearing the previous level.

  • World Exploration Mode
  • Dark mode
  • Master mode
  • Kingdom Arena mode
  • Tropical Soda Island mode
  • The Tower of sweet chaos mode
  • Cookie Alliance mode

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The task of Cookie Run Kingdom

The actual fun is the achievement of the landmarks of the kingdom. A different task is to fulfill the enhancement of cookies’ power skills and the flourishment of the kingdom.

The first thing after getting the cookies’ land is to build houses of their own. So, the kingdom’s first task is to build a cookie castle.

To create the real-life effect into it, the tasks are handled in a way that gives a glimpse of real life. The Bear Jelly is specially featured to transport goods and materials around the kingdom.

There are many magical power trees known as “Trees of Wishes”. They provide the player coins to fulfill the cookies ‘Wishlist according to the desires and needs of the character cookies.

A booster laboratory is also present to provide enhancements and quick service responses. This is Sugar Gnome Laboratory.

The Fountain of Abundance is a very effective way to get rewards like Crystals, EXP Candies, Materials, and many more. As much as a player upgrades it, The Fountain of Abundance provides the player with more quick boosters as a reward. 

 No doubt RPGs have changed the worth of playing a game in leisure hours. These have forced a person to get free time for playing such interesting games as Cookies Run Kingdom. These friendly and real-life fun-making features allow a player to enjoy Cookies the Run Kingdom in a full-time fun-making adventure. Its living characters make a player enthusiastic and fresh. One may feel relaxed and enjoy the game.


Cookie Run Kingdom has undergone a transformation over the years. From its humble beginnings as a small website hosting cookie recipes, it has now blossomed into a full-fledged online empire. The cookie recipes have been updated and rewritten many times, the website design has been revamped, and new features have been added. The Cookie Run Kingdom team, is always working hard to improve the website and keep its loyal customers happy. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post.