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Best 5 ways for Discord Server Search

Top 5 ways for Discord Server Search

Have you faced a problem with Discord Server Search? Now no need to worry about it. Here we will discuss the 5 ways to use and help you there. As there are thousands of servers available on discord for every interest group. And sometimes we face the problem of searching for our desired one. Before digging into the details, let’s look at the background history.

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Why does Discord Exist?

The online gamer community faced problems in interacting with each other. There was a dire need to connect this community on one platform globally. Before 2015, gamers connected through skype, but it had limited features. Two friends named Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy loved playing games online and seriously found this issue.

They started to work on the development of a platform that can connect online gamers globally.  In 2015 they launched Discord. It was initially aimed to be designed for chatting between individual gamers and communities.  In a short span of time, the community expanded exponentially. Now it has every category in it.

Discord Servers

A discord server is a group of people having the same interest. It is more likely the group is on Facebook and WhatsApp. But these platforms have limited functions. Discord servers have a wide range of features. They introduced text chat, voice chat, and video chats as well. Now every community on earth is almost available on Discord.

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How to Search Discord Servers?

Discord has millions of servers and users as well. So sometimes, users find it hard to search for their desired server. Discord server search is a tricky thing to deal with. But there are many ways to resolve this issue. Here we will discuss the top 5 ways for Discord Server Search:

  • Using the Discord Server Search Engine
  • Use of Disboard Filter
  • Use of Google
  • Use Discord Me for searching
  • Use of Social Media

Using the Discord Server Search Engine

Discord has the search engine tab like any other search engine. Write any keywords in which you are interested in the search bar. Then you can find the list of available servers with these keywords. So you can choose your desired server from the available list. You can open them up one by one and can read the description if it’s suited for you or not.

Use of Disboard Filter

Disboard is a website where there are many categories available. These categories help you in Discord Server Search. It gives a wide range of features to select the most active servers. You have to select the tags of your desired server. These tags and filters will suggest the best match servers for your search. You can find great communities of your interest by Disboard.

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Use of Google

As everyone knows, Google is the most widely used search engine in the world.  You can search the servers by typing ‘Discord Server’ or ‘Discord Channel’ in the search bar. It gives you lists of popular servers. Or you can select the main category like ‘Fashion Discord Servers’, ‘Music Discord Servers’, ‘Education Discord Servers’, etc. They can give a list of active servers in your interested categories.

Use Discord Me for Searching

Discord Me is working more likely Disboard. Choose your category or keywords about your interested servers. This Discord server search will suggest to you the most popular communities you are interested in. Click on the join button, then immediately, you will get the verification notification. Once the verification is completed, you can join the chat rooms for discussion.

Use of Social Media

Social media platforms are the best way to connect with people with the same interests. For Discord Server search, 2 platforms are best, i.e., Twitter and Reddit. You can follow your desired servers on Twitter. They post important announcements about their upcoming events on Twitter. Twitter and Reddit broadly cover the discord through their medium.

Other ways for Discord Server Search

There are many other ways to find Discord servers. Some are more popular, like Top. gg, Discord street, Discord List, and many others. These all mediums can lead you to the most demanding and popular servers. But if you want to join the particular server, you can enter it through an invite link by a friend or the link from Twitter. Some hyped servers are mostly locked because of overflow joining. They open the link for a very short period.

Pros And Cons of Discord Server Search

Everything has its pros and cons, so does the searching. Technology is aimed at facilitating people, but it can be used negatively as well. We will discuss here what are some pros and cons of searching the servers in the above-discussed methods.


Here are some pros of finding servers in the above ways:

  • You will find many new servers by searching.
  • You will get to know about new categories and can expand your interests.
  • By using Twitter, you will find more details about the projects.
  • On social media, you will participate in different contests of the servers.
  • Your visibility increases and you can make many new friends.


Besides Pros, there are many Cons that also exist in searching for servers.

  • You can get some Bot generated links that can harm your data security.
  • There are many servers that have adult content, and accidentally people can join them.
  • So it is recommended that children below 13 years must not be allowed to use Discord. But sometimes it is not good for children above 13 years as well.
  • You have the chance to meet with hackers or scammers.


Before using any of the Discord server search methods, we discussed here. Let’s have a look at the reviews about Discord and its usage.

  • Discord is the most popular and secure medium now.
  • It has no limit on group members. You can add many thousand members as well.
  • It gives you a chance to show your creativity in different ways.
  • It has a major contribution to the Crypto, Blockchain, and NFT market.
  • It allows you unlimited features to connect with same interests people like chatting, voice chat, video chat, and link sharing.
  • You can play and learn more about games from pro gamers.
  • Huge NFT projects launched on Discord can help you earn well.
  • Sometimes you will get the Bot-generated msgs and links.
  • And if you mistakenly click on the link, then you risk your data security.
  • By searching with different methods, you can learn more about new trends in Discord.
  • Discord Nitro is a paid subscription that can unlock more advanced features for you.

Final Words

Discord is a very fast-growing medium nowadays. Basically, it was aimed to target the gamers first but now every category is present on it. Discord server search is a tricky process. There are many ways to find your desired server. We discussed the Top 5 ways for Discord Server Search i.e., Using the Discord Server Search Engine, using Disboard Filter, using Google, using Discord Me for searching, and using Social Media. These methods not only help you in finding your desired server but also helps in exploring new categories and trends of Discord.

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